Version History



Version 2.30.500

13th May 2012

  • Internal adjustment

Internal adjustments to handle activeX registration in Windows 7 (32 / 64 bits)



Version 2.30.200

24th March 2012

  • Minor feature

Minor internal adjustment regarding feedback messages



Version 2.30.100

23rd March 2012

  • Minor problems

Fix minor internal problems



Version 2.30.000

5th March 2012

  • Feature

An user defined time delay associated with the SAFE condition has been introduced (see General section of Setup TAB)



Version 2.20.700

11th Apr 2011

  • Feature

Some minor internal adjustments in order to operate with AAG_CloudWatcher v7.00.



Version 2.20.600

9th Nov 2010

  • Feature

Some minor internal adjustments.



Version 2.20.500

1st May 2010

  • Feature

Some internal adjustments to handle news and warnings from AAGware.



Version 2.20.320

7th April 2010

  • Feature

Some internal adjustments to handle the new tiddler AAG_WeatherControl for ACP browser.



Version 2.20.310

25th March  2010

  • Feature

Some adjustments to the appearance of ACP weather server (AAG_ACPWeatherFeed.exe)



Version 2.20.300

5th March 2010

  • Feature

Some internal adjustments to be able to operate with version of AAG_WebTagC2C



Version 2.20.101

27th February 2010

  • Feature

Some minor internal adjustments



Version 2.20.000

20th February 2010

  • Feature

Internal adjustments to be able to operate with the new version of ACP weather server - AAG_WeatherFeed.exe, installed with version 5.2x of AAG_CloudWatcher (Using with ACP 5.1)



Version 2.10.600

25th July 2009

  • Fix

Fix problem with internal timer which occurs when computer stays continuously ON for more than 50 days.



Version 2.10.500

15th May 2009

  • Feature

Internal changes to support a complete weather server for ACP



Version 2.10.420

15th February 2009

  • Feature

Possibility to define files to be uploaded once (Web section of Setup TAB).



Version 2.10.416

10th February 2009

  • Feature

Definition of unit symbols (W.Station section of Setup TAB)



Version 2.10.416

5th February 2009

  • Feature

Minor adjustment to handle FreeWX weather station software (see FreeWX Setup). A new html template (myhtml123.htm) has been included to be used with FreeWX.



Version 2.10.414

1st February 2009

  • Feature

New inter-program property Name

  • Feature

New inter-program property Version



Version 2.10.413

21sh January 2009

  • Feature

AAG_WeatherCenter is safe to be instantiated inside Internet Explorer. This features requires a new type lib file ObjSafe.tlb ( Setup / Software)



Version 2.10.412

21sh December 2008

  • Minor Correction

Fix a minor problem regarding the display of the units in the Device TAB.



Version 2.10.410

1sh November 2008

  • Adjustment
  • New feature

Adjustment to the CCDAutopilot4 data file parameters;

Introduction of Cardinal Point Symbols for different languages



Version 2.10.300

27th October 2008

  • Minor Adjustment

Change the designation Check Cycle in W.Station Section of Setup Tab to Calc.Cycle in General Section of Setup TAB.



Version 2.10.200

21st October 2008

  • Minor fixes

Revised the initial setup window which is displayed when the software is run for the first time or when all internal parameters are reset.



Version 2.10.100

20th October 2008

  • Bug fixes

Fixed a bug when Image File Path is empty.



Version 2.10.000

1st October 2008

  • Initial Release 

Initial release.

It requires AAG_CloudWatcher.exe version 5.10;