Web Section 



The Web section of the Setup TAB allows the user to program the parameters to be used by the uploader to transfer files to a website, namely,

·      Server is the FTP address, e.g. ftp://ftp.xpto.com/;

·      Server path is the path of the directory where to place the files, e.g. www/my_directory/;

·      Username is the name of the user;

·      Password is the password of  the user;

·      Check cycle corresponds to frequency with which the files to be transferred are checked.

·      Timeout in seconds is used by the uploader module to establish the communications timeout period;

·      Add / Del is used to add / delete files from the list of files to be transferred.

·      File name only when unselected will display the full file name including its directory

·      Upload once indicates that the file selected in the list box will only be uploaded once, as described below in more detail.




To activate the web uploader, the push button UPLOAD must be down

(red arrow in figure below)









Upload button








Upload Once buttom



List box containing files to be uploaded


The upload routine works in the following manner:


The files are only uploaded if all files have been changed since the last upload.


This is achieved by checking the date/time stamp of each file. If the date/time stamp of a file has changed since the last upload, then this file is marked for uploading. When all files have been marked for uploading then uploading takes place.


The program performs this check at an interval period defined by the value selected in the field Check Cycle.


This behavior can be changed for any file by marking it for Upload Once. Such a file will be uploaded once, when the program is started. Then the file will not be included in the set of files to be uploaded unless it has been changed.


In the case illustrated above, files AAG_jsgraphics.js and AAG_graphs.js have been marked for Upload Once as indicated by the *** symbol on the left hand side of the name. These files will be uploaded when the program starts. In the next check cycle, if the other 3 files have changed, uploading will take place for those 3 files only.


However, if a file marked for Upload Once is changed, it will be uploaded whenever the next uploading event takes place.



To mark a file for Upload Once, click on the file in the list box, press Upload Once button (the *** symbol will be shown on the left hand side of the file name).


To un-mark a file for Upload Once, select file and press Upload Once button again (the *** symbol on the left hand side of the file name will disappear).


By right clicking with the mouse over the file name, a small popup menu is displayed allowing to mark/unmark the file for Upload Once.