FreeWX Setup


The data transfer between FreeWX and AAG_WeatherCenter is based on a data table (HTML format) which is created every time FreeWX creates the files to be uploaded to a web site.


This data table has a specific format which is defined by template myhtml123.html and it is present in the AAG_WeatherCenter directory.


The following procedure outlines the steps required by FreeWX to activate the creation of this data table and to make AAG_WeatherCenter aware of its existence.




Copy file myhtml123.html to the directory where FreeWX is installed.

Step 2


Select menu option  Internet under Settings in FreeWX

Step 3


Activate Save files locally in the following path … and select a directory to store files.


Suggestion: Use a local directory that is shared (at least, read rights)


Step 4

Define Remote File Name (for example, xpto.html as illustrated in the image).


Step 6

Start FreeWX and check that file xpto123.html is created in the directory defined in step 3.



Step 7


In AAG_WeatherCenter under Setup TAB section W.Station, define Data File as file xpto123.html which should exist in directory defined in step 3.



Step 8

Select date format dd/mm/yy