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To speak properly, Seletek offers the necessary to motorize and operate a focuser directly and interface it with any ASCOM / INDI compatible program; the focuser automation (well, most of it) will be in charge of programs such as FocusMax (free), MaximDL(tm) and others.

For the majority of users, once the Seletek has been configured and rough focus reached, it will remain relegated to its function as an ASCOM “interpreter” and then FocusMax or another application will take the prominence of the operations.

This section is quite long, but starting with the program is easy, so here's a...

Very quick guide if you're in a rush or unwilling to read the whole section:

  1. Setup hardware (motor, cables, etc)

  2. Connect everything and launch “Focuser” (for MAIN connected motor) or "FocuserEXP" (for EXP connected motor) or "FocuserTHIRD" (for THIRD port connected motor)

  3. If connecting to a Robofocus(tm) or Moonlite(tm) motor, pay a look at the last part of section 4.2.2 and adjust configuration if needed. Go back to main window.

  4. Press “Cont-IN”, “Cont-OUT”; if the focuser moves as it should (inward as inward...), skip to step 6

  5. Go to configuration, advanced, and select a inverted wiring (Lunatico inverted for our motor). Go back to main window and confirm movement direction matches now.

  6. You're ready to go!


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