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All the examples in this section will be using the “Focuser” program, the one that connects to the “Main” port of the device. The behavior of the “Focuser Exp” is exactly the same, except of course it will operate a motor hooked to the “Exp” port, etc.

First of all, please power the Seletek and plug it to a free USB port in your computer. Then launch the “Focuser” program, and the following screen will be shown:

Let's explain the different elements you can now see:

The buttons that activate the motor are in the Motor control zone:

Incidentally, the window of the “Main” program has been updated to reflect the present situation:


Back to the “focuser” window, there are three buttons left to access other windows


Before going deeper into these and other questions, please notice that now, with no further configuration, you're ready to operate your focuser, from the “Seletek” window , adjusting focus while looking at real time images on the screen, or even automatically from FocusMax, Maxim DL or other ASCOM-focuser aware program.

1 The motors used for Seletek to focus are of the kind “step by step”, so it is very practical to use the number of the step to indicate its position.


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