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Downloaded from Internet or included in a CDROM, you shall have a simple, “SeletekInstall” program that will automate the software installation for you. The drivers are now a separate download, also straighforward.

When updating to a new software version, it is not needed to upgrade the drivers.

Please check the software repository for new versions and updates - it is, and will be, free.

First step: please uninstall any older version you might have!

Upon installation you will find a new program group with all utility programs already mentioned, plus the main communication program and the uninstall utility. You can now hook the USB cable from the controller to the PC, Window will find the proper drivers and load them automatically.

The installation program will copy all needed files to the default folder (typically, “C:\Program Files\Seletek” or "C:\Program Files(x86)\Seletek" in 64 bit systems).

Let's now pay a look at the motorized focuser software; you can safely skip to filter wheels, camera rotator or any other utility program if that's the use you plan for your controller.

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