Weather Display Setup


The data transfer between Weather Display and AAG_WeatherCenter is based on a data table (HTML format) which is created every time Weather Display creates the files to be uploaded to a web site.


This data table has a specific format which is defined by template AAG_WeatherCenterWD.htx and it is present in the AAG_WeatherCenter directory.


The following procedure outlines the steps required by Virtual Weather Display  to activate the creation of this data table and to make AAG_WeatherCenter aware of its existence.


NOTE: In the example below, the directory which holds the Weather Display web files is F:\WD\Webfiles in the computer that is running Weather Display software.






Step 1:


Copy file AAG_WeatherCenterWD.htx in AAG_WeatherCenter directory (default C:\Program Files\AAG_WeatherCenter) to the directory holding Weather Display web files, in this example, F:\WD\Webfiles.


Make this directory shareable to other PC’s in the network.






Select menu option Control Panel
























Select option Web Files/Web Page …


Step 3:


Select Web Files Setup #1 tab


Push button Set web files location


Select the web file folder – F:\WD\Webfiles


Push button Set location for clientraw files


Select the web file folder – F:\WD\Webfiles




Step 4:


Select Custom web page setup tab


Flag Include the Units used must be unchecked


Enter the name of template AAG_WeatherCenterWD.htx in Local file name field.


Enter the name of data table AAG_WeatherCenter.htm in Remote file name field



Step 5:


Select Internet File Creation & Uploads option from Control Panel





Step 6:


Select Setup page #1 tab


Select Use the each minute setting(time override)
































Select Setup page #2 tab


Select Special custom file convers. set button



































Select Update every minute


Select Use these settings



Step 7:


Start AAG_WeatherCenter and define Weather Station Data File in the initial window (see Operational Considerations)















In W.Station section of Setup TAB;