Update, March 16/2012: the software and new firmware is already available for all controllers. The users' manual has also been updated to cover some (thought not all yet) of the new features.

The new version of Seletek software has just been released.


  • watchdog function: it can reset your PC (using a relay, from the Firefly or DIY) if it freezes
  • physical limit switches for your focuser
  • internet connection - no need to connect to USB hub, the Platypus can be plugged to any router / ethernet hub and be accessed from Internet, local network, wifi... You can open your observatory if the weather is fine while commuting back home!
  • control up to 3 devices simultaneously.
  • ... and many more features, not only limited to the Platypus. Watch this space for updated documentation and more information.

Check the software page!