More Seletek / Armadillo software news

03/Nov/2011: Software version 3.5 is out, including many useful features. Also firmware 2.2 with backlash support. Please check the firmware and software reposity.

02/March/2011: Software version 3.1 just published. Includes a few new features requested by our users, and some minor fixes. A new driver release is also available (actually fixes a bug in the driver installer, so no need to update for current users)

11/Aug/2010: A new driver release is available, including a minor bug fix in the Armadillo driver. All Windows versions (from XP to Windows 7, 32 and 64 bits), will automatically recognize the drivers when the Seletek is plugged. XP users will have to click "don't connect to windows update" and then "install automatically", but that we cannot avoid. Windows 2000 version delayed until / if there's any need. Hopefully no one is using the Windows version now!

08/Aug/2010: Also just released, the beta (but working!) version of the Rotator software, for both the Main and EXP ports; tested with MaximDL 5.07 and of course in stand-alone.

Drivers will work with any firmware version, the new software release only available for new firmware 2.0, and ready downloadable from the firmware and software reposity.