It's really easy and convenient to control your scope fan or your dew heather bands (ZeroDew or other brands) using the specific cable (*) and the Seletek controllers Armadillo or Platypus:

With the controller unpowered, hook the cable at both the Armadillo's EXP port (for instance) and your scope fan plug or dew heather bands.

If you have never done so before, launch “Pin by Pin EXP” from your start menu:

Then go to the configuration window and, to avoid mistakes, label Pin 2 as “Scope fan” or "Dew Heather", then press OK. 

You are done! 

  • For scope fan: just selecting ON or OFF from the Pin By Pin main window you'll be able to switch the fan on and off from the comfort of your desk, maybe far away from the observatory. 

  • For dew heater bands: you can control the output power of each pin and enables you to directly power dew heater bands.

Very important!
Do not exceed 1A continuous output power, and 2A peak (< 1 sec).


* Cable for fan

* Cable for heather bands