It uses our new "ZeroConf" system so no network knowledge required!

Download the app from

- you'll have to give your phone permissions to install from external sources (for the moment it is not in the PlayStore)

- it will ask for permission to read the accounts, it will use the main account to locate the data

Once installed, add it as any widget to your screen, and it will report an error: "No data available for - that email is the main account in your phone

- The current (1.6) or newer Solo version is required - update yours if at an older version

- for the moment this is only available to Solo users

Once the Solo is in version 1.6, go to this new page with the "hidden treasures" of the Solo:


... and in the "ZeroConf" field, type that email address, and click


That's it! From now on, your Solo will be sending, each 2 minutes, eather information to our server, and your android phone will be able to read it from anywhere.

Keep in mind, if the data becomes old, the widget will reflect so, meaning data in your phone is always valid (a few minutes old at most).