There's a new firmware version of the AAG CloudWatcher for owners of units with serial number from 400 (anemometer-capable units).

It solves some minor timing issues, and it is recommended for setups with or without anemometer. It also adds the possibility of keeping the rain sensor heater on while the PC is not connected to the unit, a good way to avoid condensation problems.

First of all, please check your serial number, just to be sure:


If your serial number is below 400, you don't need the upgrade!

First of all, please download the new firmware from this link, and save it to a convenient location (for instance, the desktop).

Then STOP the AAG CloudWatcher program, and launch the firmware upgrade program; it is called "AAG_HASHFileLoader" and can be found at your installation folder (typically, c:\program files\AAG_CloudWatcher):


Once launched, select the correct COM port, and also the just downloaded firmware file. When ready:

- power off the AAG CloudWatcher (physically unplug it from the power supplly)

- press "Start" in the loader program

- and plug the AAG again. You have 10 seconds from the moment you pressed "Start".

... the loading process should begin:


Once it finishes, close the program and now launch "AAG CloudWatcher Internal Parameters" (this is available from your start menu; if it isn't, you're running a very old version of the program, please update to the new one from the usual place).

In the Internal Parameters program (again, select COM port and connect) you'll see this window:


... just make sure the "Time period for the device..." (this is the watchdog timeout) has a value above 60 seconds; 120 is recommended. Also, check the "Rain sensor heater value..." has a reasonable value, depending on your weather conditions. 32% as in the image seems adecuate for most cases, do not set it above 50% or the rain sensor will get too hot, with possible damage to the unit.

Once satisfied, click "Store" and exit the program.

Last step is verifying the upgrade, connect again your normal program, and check the firmware version number:


That's all, thank you for taking the time to perform the upgrade.