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Seletek - Armadillo - Platypus,
Peripheral connection

Inputs and outputs of the Seletek family of controllers

(contents revised Feb 2015) 

The Seletek controller uses DB9 (Sub-D9) connectors, not to be confused with the same type of connectors being used for serial (RS232) ports. The signals they carry are absolutely different.

These connectors are properly numbered (1 to 9), so the correct way of specifying the connections are using that numbers (there are tiny digits that can be found by looking at any connector).

The differences of the newer controllers (Armadillo 2, Tarsier) are intended to make it easier to swap motors and also allow the connection of any third party motor (Robofocus, Lakeside, Moonlite, FeatherTouch...) at any port.

MAIN connector:

Lunatico Astronomia

Connecting motors, it is recommended to connect the centre tap to ground (use the shell ground, not pins 6 - 8) and always male connectors, so any motor can be used in any Seletek connector, MAIN or AUX, just using a female-female DB9 converter (but beware! not the one found in many stores as "gender-changer", you need one where pin1 of one side goes to pin5, 2 to 4, 4 to 2, etc - really easy to do at home with 2 DB9 female plugs!).

The expansion connector (EXP), and THIRD (only Platypus) is very similar, but includes 4 multipurpose inputs:

Please note: this is the proper wiring for both unipolar motors (usually 5 or more wires); and bipolar ones (again, usually 4 wires). 
This is a change since older firmware versions, where bipolar motors used a different wiring; if you are affected by this and want a simple solution, just let us know when you need or want to upgrade!

Most common peripheral connections to the Main plug

Stepper motor P5-M48 from Mc Lennan (or Amidata), 3000 or 6000 steps/turn

Pin 1: Black

Pin 2: Yellow 

Pin 3: Brown

Pin 4: Orange

Chassis: Red and Green

Stepper motor RB-37GM (3600 steps/turn) (currently supplied by default)

Pin 1: Orange

Pin 2: Purple

Pin 3: Yellow

Pin 4: Blue

Chassis: White

To use a Robofocus (tm) motor with the Seletek controller

Section to be updated with a better, more clear explanation

NOTE: starting with firmware 1.5, this cable is no longer needed, as you can select the wiring mode from the program. However, if you plan to use your Seletek with the handpad and without a PC, then it is best to use this crossed cable, as the wiring parameters are saved at the PC, not the controller - they'll be forgotten if you boot the controller with no PC, just using the handpad.

We'll have two DB9 connectors, one at the RF side (female) and one at the Seletek side (male). The pin correspondence is as follows:

RF --- Seletek

1 --- 4 

2 --- 2

3 --- 3

4 --- 1

5 --- Shell

(Robofocus is the well known focusing system by Technical Innovations)


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