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Seletek - Armadillo - Platypus,
External temperature sensor calibration

Update May 2015: this calibration is unneeded for all modern controllers, as the default software values match the current controller/LM61 combination.

Following some requests, I've just measured and calculated the proper coefficients for adjusting the EXTERNAL temperature sensors.

We have 3 factors, as seen in the software (v. 3.0+), C1, F, and C2.

C2 is mainly for offseting the internal box excess temperature, so won't be used for the external ones.

F is the slope of the straigh line

C1 is the offset (that is, the value read at 0º)

So, going to business, for the ARMADILLO or PLATYPUS CONTROLLERS:

*    using the LM61 temp. sensor: C1 = 192, F = 1.7
*    using the LM60 temp. sensor: C1 = 94, F = 3


*    using the LM61 temp. sensor: C1 = 190, F = 3.6
*    using the LM60 temp. sensor, I'm getting odd results, but I'm fairly confident the same values as the internal sensor will work (no isolation in this model), so: C1 = 133.5, F= 4.88  

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