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Control an Atik Motorized FW
with Seletek

It's quite a simple operation, with the only tricky part being the soldering of the Mini DIN plug; making it slowly should pose no big problems.

The filter wheel should be connected to the EXP seletek output; it won't work this way for the Main one, so unless you want to control two filter wheels (explained in this article), please use the EXP port - it's simpler.

   The kit:

View of the mini DIN side (please note a wire must be soldered to the chassis - there's space for it):
... no the DB9 side, from above and below (the resistor that can be seen is not need and has been removed from the kit):
And the final result; with a bit of glue to improve the rigidity it even looks nice!

Let's number the mini DIN pins to explain the connections (the DB9 plug is already numbered).

Please look at the mini DIN plug with the soldering part facing you, and with the small tab looking downwards; there are three groups of two pins each, 2 to the left, 2 upper side, 2 to the right. Let's number them, clockwise, from bottom left (1) to bottom right (6).

The connections are then:

* MiniDIN - DB9

- 1 - 1 

- 2 - 2 

- 3 - 5 

- 4 - 3 

- 5 - 4 

- 6 - 8 

- Shell - Shell

Again, please remember the resistor shown in the images is not needed.

With this simple conversor and Seletek's free software you can control your motorized Atik filter wheel with ASCOM compliant software. 

Want to control two of these fitler wheels with a single controller? Here is how!


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