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Armadillo - Platypus - Limpet 

Firmware and software

Important notice for Windows users!

ASCOM: if not already installed, please download and install the ASCOM platform for the Seletek software to work, even if you plan to use it stand-alone. It's free and it's great.

Seletek's current version:

•     Software 4.8
•     Firmware 5.1.0

Last update: Dec 5, 2019

Quick links to current packages:

Valid for all controllers and Windows versions.

Drivers (needed only for new installations with USB connection)


(A) Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

 (B) Windows 8 & 10, 32 & 64 bits

 (C) Any Windows version

 (D) Any Windows version

MAC OSX (Armadillo, Platypus and Limpet)

Quick links to current firmware:

Seletek's version history

*  Software 4.8

- Added support for the Limpet
- Installer: add firewall rule to enable network connection

Firmware 5.1.0

- Fixed the temperature readings while the motor is moving)

* Software 4.7.9 / Firmware 5.0.1 - Platypus Only!

Network connection improvements:

- DHCP support (automatic network address)

- NETBIOS name (that is, network name - you can connect with "Platypus" by name)

- Small web server (http://platypus) - with support for sending commands (check )

- Some other internal improvements

- Only "Main" program changed, to install software, please use this link: and replace your current one. For the Firmware, use the quick link below

* Software 4.7:


- Improved installer, now with option to select which programs should be installed

- COM port can be selected / forced to address the problem of some 64Bit windows not being able to connect unless run as administrator.

- PinByPin quite improved, can work with absolute temperatures now and also display correct pin numbers for the "2" generation of controllers.

- Some other internal fixes and improvements.

* Software 4.5.1 (Jan 14, 2014):

Just 2 changes:

- New installer, fixes all issues with TheSkyX and other programs in Windows 7/8

- Main program will now exit regardless if any satellite program is still active, to avoid the situation where "a program is preventing Windows from closing..."

* Software 4.5 / Firmware 3.3 released for all controllers (Dec 23, 2013):

Improvements in 3 main areas:


- Acceleration of motor, speeds specified in microseconds

- Backlash support

- Definition of "forbidden zone" to impede rotation to certain angles for complex setups

- Minor interface changes


- Speed specified in microseconds

- Min temperature delta to apply correction specified in steps


- Support for analog sensors (such as the Sharp distance sensor)

- Much easier script programming

- Option to request confirmation on relay change

- Important: the software needs the latest (3.3) firmware to run

* 4.0 software news (12/March/2012):

Support for our new Platypus controllers and some improvements for Armadillo users.

- Three simultaneous devices (platypus only)

- Firefly control for observatory automation (all controllers)

- Watchdog capabilities (for instance, resets the PC if it's frozen...) (all controllers)

- Rotator(s) default settings for VSI's Motorized Zerotator (all controllers)

- TCP/IP (Internet) communications (platypus only)

- The software will work with older firmwares (2.2), but for the new advanced options a firmware upgrade will be needed

* 3.5 software news (many!):

- Added sensor monitor from main program

- Added the ability to define commands to run on startup (please check the user's manual currently being updated and the included "initcmds.ini" sample file included)

- Focuser now supports "Set position" (no motion), "Goto profile points" (named points), and backlash (needs firmware 2.2 to work)

- Smaller configuration window (focuser) for users with netbooks

- PinByPin does not cut off power when at the configuration window

- FilterWheel now includes a full stepper configuration

- Limit switches now possible to configure thanks to the init commands

* 3.1 software news:

- Added "slow pwm" support to PinByPin (thanks David!)

- Camera rotator now fully mature

- Added "reverse button meaning" for Focuser (so In means Out etc... for "reversed" focusers...)

- Fixed some communication problems (dropouts) and minor interface details (decimal point at some places...)

- ... and finished a few minor details (full multilanguage support, window mode on open...)

- a big thanks to all who helped ruling out every problem in the 3.0 R.C.

* 3.0 Initial release

- Too many changes to list here, there's a full page for this new version and also a step by step migration guide.

- Migration tool: download

- New software: download (06/Aug/2010)

- Same software, now with Rotator support (beta): download (08/Aug/2010)

- New firmware 2.1: for the Armadillo controller and for the original Seletek controller (01/Dec/10)

- Just in case (not needed as it is included in the migration tool): bootloader firmware, for the Armadillo and for the original Seletek.

- And finally, latest drivers release (ver. 2.1, last update 11/Aug/2010 - repackaged and minor bug fixing for the Armadillo) Will work with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 32 and 64 bit versions. Windows 2000 driver will be available upon request.

- Older versions (pre 3.0) archive:

- Windows VISTA and Windows 7 users: the first time you run any ASCOM-aware utility program (such as Focuser, FocuserEXP, FilterWheel, FilterWheelEXP) you must execute it with explicit administrator rights: right click over the program icon, select "Run as administrator".

- Drivers: whatever your software version, please download the drivers above (11/Aug/2010) unless running Windows 2000 (those drivers will be made available upon request)

* v. 2.5.1 - 21/Oct/09 - New version - Download

- Uninstall any previous version before installing this one

- New hardware and sensor support for Fan Control

- Small cosmetic fixes and translation improvements

* v. 2.5.0 - 06/Oct/09 - Download

- Uninstall any previous version before installing this one

- General support for new firmware 1.5 and new controller Armadillo

- Many new options in temperature compensation

- Robofocus / Moonlite motor support with no special cables (fw 1.5)

- New temperature sensor support (LM61)

- Simpler and better focuser calibration method

- Ability to "Goto" to any temperature profile point

- Steps per In / Out (focusing) user specifiable

- General internal improvement

- User's manual - oct/09 - updated to version 2.5.0 - Download

- System chart - jan/09 - updated to version 2.5.0 - Download

* v. 1.9.0 - 18/march/09 - Minor improvements - Download

-Several small bugs fixed and general reconnection improvements.

* v. 1.8.0 - 10/dic/08 - Fan control just released - Download

- Now you can power your scope's cooling fan(s) depending on the mirror and ambient temperature

* v. 1.6.0 - 20/nov/08 - advanced parameters added - Download

- Support for bipolar motors

- Control the speed, power, etc of attached motors

* v. 1.5.0 - 10/nov/08 - two focusers two filter wheels - Download

- Different devices at the same time

- GOTO and Invert Motion added for focusers

- Multilanguaje

- General debug and cleanup - also a bit more nice.

* v. 1.4.9 (previously 2.0.0) - 29/Aug/08 - two focus motors at same time. BETA - Download ZIP file

* v. 1.3.2 - 09/sept/08 - fix release for a bug with temperature profiles. Download EXE

- Thanks to Miguel Muro for discovering the problem

* v. 1.3.1 - 01/jul/08 - temperature corrections Only EXE download

-It will only apply temperature corrections after 1 hour has passed since last correction, and only when the variation has been greater than 1ºC. Requested by Javier Gomez Laina

* v. 1.3.0a - 13/jun/08 - beta-2 - First english version Full installer download

- Includes all current improvements

- Each profile keeps its current position, so a Seletek can be shared among several scopes keeping the position saved for each one (as requested by Pere Gil)

- Motion control buttons answer improved; and it will be even better in next version

- Async reconnection (if the Seletek controller is disconnected just plugging it again will restore everything)

- Firmware update supported


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28250 Torrelodones, Madrid


Phone: +34 91 859 55 67