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The Lunatico device to remotely control
your roll-off roof observatory.

Dragonfly to remotely control your observatory. Easy to use and with very powerful features.

Top 6 reasons to get a Dragonfly

1.         Smart: can perform operations by itself (for example, send you an email or push message, reboot the router if no internet, WOL, etc...)

2.        Smartphone support: custom control app 

3.        Universal: with ZeroConf, access it from anywhere - no configuration required

4.        Versatile: roof open and close operations can be customized. Actions can be launched when a sensor or relay changes.

5.        Secure: password protection available (3 levels) and relay restrictions.

6.        Supported: complete ASCOM roof and switch drivers. And INDIGO and INDIlib.

Dragonfly / Internet switch comparation

Relay controlYESYES
Actions on relay changesYESNO
Sensor displayYESYES
Actions on sensor changesYESNO
Smart (autonomous operation) YESNO
Relay Safety (restrictions)CompleteNO
Lunatico Astronomia

With the Dragonfly you can:

○ switch on and off lights and equipment
○ open and close the observatory roof
○ control 8 relays (4 of them double NO/NC, and 4 NO) 
○ monitor the AAG Cloudwatcher and check for safe or unsafe weather conditions 
○ monitor, using magnet or mechanical sensors the mount's position, the status of the roof...
○ ZeroConfiguration network system
○ ASCOM switch & dome interfaces
○ Improved internal web server:
            ○ simple page to manage the relays and sensors,
            ○ javascript for web page integration
○ Free smartphone app​

And includes ASCOM drivers for both dome (for roll-off roofs) and switch interface. 

Lunatico Astronomia

Also available INDIGO and INDIlib 

Lunatico Astronomia


Dragonfly smartphone app to control your observatory, from anywhere, at any time!

This app, with the latest Dragonfly firmware and our ZeroConfiguration network system, makes it possible to access your Dragonfly from virtually anywhere, with any kind of network connection, wifi, mobile data or whatever... no IT knowledge required! No ports to open at the router!

Just use your email and Dragonfly name to setup your "ZeroConf" account, and connect to it.
If you also use our CloudWatcher Solo, you can get push notifications about the weather in your phone and open or close the observatory on the fly!

Some Dragonfly add-ons

Smartphone apps and permissions

Lunatico's smartphone apps (GNS, GNSFree, and the new Dragonfly and the pocket CloudWatcher, and any future ones) do not require nor use any sensitive data or permission. None at all.

Bluetooth apps request location information - this is an android requirement since bluetooth 4.0. We don't want that location information, won't use it, but cannot avoid the system asking for it. And it has to be granted to have bluetooth connectivity.

Not only that, but:

• the apps will only use your Smartphone storage to save its own settings

• they won't access your calls, contacts, identity... nothing at all

 • the only data they'll know about you is what you configure in the settings

• ... and even that won't be shared with anyone. Ever. 


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28250 Torrelodones, Madrid


Phone: +34 91 859 55 67