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Making the Solo, Platypus or Dragonfly more easily accessible in the network

With recent Windows 10 "updates", and the treatment Microsoft is giving to all computers and networks, as if all were in a "high risk" zone, many security policies conspire to make simple devices, such as ours, more difficult to access in the network.

With a few tricks, however, this can be overcome in no time:

Trick 1:

Use a static IP address in your device, and edit the \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file. 

Said file contains a list of IP addresses and host names. Just add yours to the list, such as:  aagsolo

... and windows will never again forget that address. You'll have to edit it as administrator.

Trick 2:

If you want to browse the files shared by some device, such as the Solo, but can't find it browsing the network, open a "cmd" prompt and type: 

        c:\users\myself> start \\aagsolo 


        c:\users\myself> start \\ 

(or course replacing the 4 numbers with the correct ones).

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