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AAG CloudWatcher
(outdoors and pocket versions)

Software & other downloads

AAG & Pocket CloudWatcher

    Software only installer 8.1.0 

    Complete software package (v 8.1.0) Zip file with examples, installer, docs, etc.

    Online help

    Firmware, 5.7.3  - for units with external RH sensor or without RH sensor  (*)

    PocketCW drivers: please download and install for your windows version the VCP driver from Silicon Lab's page; the device is a CP2104.

    ASCOM Safety Monitor Driver for both the Windows software (needs the latest version) and for the Solo (needs to be updated to v. 13, just update it from the configuration pages)

    ASCOM observing conditions standard. Chris Rowland's driver tested to work with both the AAG windows software and the Solo. Download from the ASCOM web site:

    INDI weather driver available:

•    MAC OSX (developed by​ Richard Francis,​ GerSpatial, available from the AppStore at a very reasonable cost).


For all units:

- support for remote reboot (so no need in the future to power cycle to update)

- device constants now hardwired

For units with external RH sensors:

- Increased precision in RH and ambient temperature readings

- Heating algorithm to improve readings and extend the life of the sensor

AAG WeatherCentre

    A free module which combines information from AAG_CloudWatcher with information from a standard weather station controlled by either Virtual Weather Station, Weather Display or Cumulus software. For this program to be fully operational, one of these weather station packages must be installed.

•    Complete software package (v2.3)

•    Online help

AAG CloudWatcher Android widget (for CW - Solo users)


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