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Parking the mount

Is one of the most important actions we may want to execute, in case of unsafe weather, before closing the roof, etc.

This is extremely easy from a script (be it one of the Dragonfly scripts, or the CloudWatcher ones...). This code below:

dim Tel
set Tel = CreateObject( "POTH.Telescope" )
Tel.Connected = True
wscript.sleep( 20000 )
set Tel = nothin

... will connect to the "POTH" telescope driver, command it to park the scope, and then wait 20 seconds (20000 milliseconds).

To find out what's the correct ASCOM name for your telescope, execute the ASCOM profile explorer (under tools), and check the telescope drivers:

... for sure you'll identify which one you're using. Just replace that name, complete (as in ASCOM.Simulator.Telescope) in the CreateObject command, and you're set.


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