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AAG CloudWatcher

Getting rid of the big, ugly window covering all

Please open the registry editor, navigate to:

"Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\AAG_CloudWatcher\Window and delete the AAG_News key (first one):


... setting autoupdate and the interval is enough. The go to the "files" tab, and tell Cumulus where the template is, and what file do you want it to create:


Don't forget to tick "Process". The file at the left (local) is AAG_WeatherCenterCU.htm, the one at the right (remote) is ToWc.html

This (ToWc.html) is the one to be specified in WeatherCentre, setup, Weather station, Data file. 

From now on, every "interval" minutes, Cumulus will create the specified file. AAG WeatherCenter will happily read it to complete its set of information.


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