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CloudWatcher as a watchdog

Being able to use the CW as a watchdog ("watching" PC activity, and closing the relay in case the PC freezes) is a well known CloudWatcher feature, but one happy user, Vincent Steinmetz, just drew our attention on another option:

I just noted some nice unexepected feature in the cloud watcher.

If the user check's 'UNKNOWN generates UNSAFE' , the cloudwatcher make's an nice "AC power fail feature"

No power => No dialog => UNSAFE

It is really interesting for remote.

In our installation the cloudwatcher is on the house supply (not on a uninterruptible power system), so in case of power loss , the computer that operates on a backup inverter gets the UNSAFE event, and close the dome (closing system is also on battery)

This is important enough to be mentionned in the documentation and advertising.

I discovered this the christmass night, the dome was operating alone, and we loss dialog on everything next morning, power has comed again, and I saw the scope was nicely parked, and dome closed because the cloudwatcher alert script.

You have a nice product there, it is really fine now !

Thank you Vincent, a nice idea indeed!


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