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AAG CloudWatcher
Automatic start of CW software

To avoid having to manually launch AAG's CW software each time  ... first step is to define no users in Windows, then it will automatically start the default user session. 

This vb script will do the rest of the trick:

    Dim oCW

    set oCW = CreateObject("AAG_CloudWatcher.CloudWatcher")


    oCW.RecordStart False

    Set oCW=nothing

Place this few lines of code in an ascii file with extension .vbs (eg  AAG_CW.VBS) and place a shortcut in the Startup section of the windows menu. 

Brief explanation: 

The instruction oCW.Device_Start() will launch AAG_CloudWatcher. 

The instruction oCW.RecordStart False will start recording data to the  user data file in a an empty file (erasing its previous contents).  

If instead one uses oCW.RecordStart True the information is appended to existing file.


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