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Updating to Dragonfly software 6.0

Please check these notes if updating from an earlier version.

Update notes: 

We are releasing Windows software version 6 with many new features, most notably:

        - relay restrictions

        - internal macros (now with 2 actions each and more capabilities)

        - roof control from the main, panel window (can be disabled if needed)

        - password control

        - improved internal web

        - a new tool, Dragonfly configurator to modify the internal device configuration

        - improved logs, including date / time for every event and recorded to disk

✅    If updating from official version 5.0:

Install the new software 

Use the configurator to update the firmware (not needed if Dragonfly 2)

Take a look at the Configurator manual, there are a lot of new features, specially the macros

    If updating from beta version 5.9:

2 main things to note: 

    - macros have now 2 actions (if... and... then do this and do that), and can "wake on lan" computers and devices and send pushbullets. 

    - the relay and sensor configuration storing policy has changed. It will be now stored in the local registry of windows and in the Dragonfly. You can force to send all configuration or recover it from the Dragonfly in case of new computer, preparing several dragonflies, etc.

✅    If you use the ASCOM dome scripts, a simple modification is needed:

Edit the "ShutterStatus.vbs" file (you'll find it at C:\Program files(x86)\Dragonfly\dfscripts in 64 bits system, and at C:\Program files\Dragonfly\dfscripts in 32 bit systems) 

Look for this line in the file:

set df = CreateObject( "Dragonfly.Help" )

... and replace it with these 6 lines:

on error resume next

set df = CreateObject( "Dragonfly.Help" ) 

if Err.Number <> 0 then


end if

on error goto 0

You'll need to provide administrator confirmation.

Nothing too serious, but if not done you'll get a script error, from time to time, when the Dragonfly software closes.


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