Lunático came out of the interest in Astronomy of its founder, Jaime Alemany, who has enjoyed and suffered for his passion for the sky.

Jaime Alemany fundador de Lunático Astronomía

 The unique experience of watching, sometimes at a glance, the Milky Way in a clear, cloudless night, a cumulus, the Moon, or that of taking succesfully images of any galaxy or nebula, is usually accompanied by carrying telescopes, cameras, batteries, eyepieces, cables more cables… spending cold nights and making long attempts of setting up telescopes and mounts...

 From this experience, with which we are sure you shall identify, Lunático comes out with a fundamental objective, to make astronomy easier for the amateur astronomer.

Cristobal el primer logotipo de Lunático

 Besides this web site, we have also created a meeting place for our friends and customers: Lunático’s forum where you can find tricks, advice, software utilities, instructions… everything in order to solve problems in the easiest and more efficient way for saving time and money. 


In Lunático we try to find original and affordable solutions, manufacturing our own products.

At Lunático Astronomía we are aware that, among all of us, we have to take care of the planet, and we are committed to do so as  a fundamental part of our business philosophy

This is why we strive to make all our products durable and easily serviceable, and offer the replacement parts or repairs that may be needed at a very reasonable cost. We also offer parts and advice for local servicing, as far as possible.