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The Seletek system

The aim of Seletek is to offer a flexible and powerful system capable to control several astronomy accessories at the same time.

Thanks to the system design and the ASCOM (in the Windows environment) and INDIlib (in Linux / OSX) standards, it is possible to centralize several functionalities avoiding lots of cables, programs, manufacturers and, in one word, problems.

The Seletek is based in the powerful microcontroller AT91SAM7X256. The original model as well as the Armadillo have 8 protected outputs capable of 1A (optionally 2A) currents, and 4 analogical-digital optically isolated inputs. The Platypus has 12 outputs, and 11 inputs for added versatility. All of then also have an internal temperature sensor and other, optional, external one.

We rely on the collaboration of all our users in order to equip the Seletek with more capacities. Already available are:

The differences between the original controller and the more recent Armadillo one are simple:

For its part, the Platypus is a grown-up Armadillo, with a few changes:

From a functional point of view, all models are the same, and capable of the same things; the Armadillo can be considered as a more robust version of the previous controller (hence it's name!), and the Platypus just adds more conectivity and ports.

Let’s see now some more specific subjects – there's a very quick guide in the Focusing section for those who do not enjoy reading manuals!

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