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    System organization

As previously explained, the Seletek system is modular in its design; thus a matching software architecture had to be devised. Instead of a big, powerful but complex single application we have decided to make many small ones in the hope they'll be easier to handle by the user. At the end, most users won't use all of Seletek's possibilities!

This way, there's one master program, named just “Seletek” with the responsibility of communicating with the physical device and route information to the rest of application programs.

As shown in the image above, this application will inform us of the software connected to both output ports of the Seletek (Main and Exp – from expansion, and also Third for Platypus users) and the status of the connection with the device. It also offers the option of changing the language for all applications – just changing it from here will update all satellite applications accordingly.

While minimized, this window will just show a system try icon. Click the icon to show and hide the window.

Then there are several other programs, depending on the use and the physical port it will be using.For example: there are two programs to manage motorized focusing, one for the focuser motor at the Main port and one for the motor at the Exp port.

As of today, there are 14 such programs (let's call them utility programs ):

... as can be seen, the naming convention is to append “Exp” or "Third" to the name of the program if it will access the “Exp” or "Third" port, and to keep just the bare name if it is to access the “Main” one.


There's no way for the Seletek nor its software to know what's actually hooked at any port at a given time. It is the software you choose to launch what provides meaning to the peripherals.


So you could launch “Seletek focuser”, but instead of a focus motor have a motorized filter wheel hooked to the Main port. You will have no warning, but of course it will not work properly.

Bottomline: match the software to the devices attached.

Use "Focuser" if you hook a focus motor at the main port, or "Rotator" if you attach there a camera rotator. And then "Filter wheel EXP" if such a device is connected to the EXP port, etc.

Any utility program will launch the “Main Seletek” program if it's not already running. Just keep “Main Seletek” open for the whole session; minimize it and it will go the system tray (lower right of the screen).

Should you need explanations about the configuration of this program, they are available at the "General configuration" topic.

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