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Not everybody finds adequate or accurate enough the automatic adjusting for temperature, and choose to refocus several times during the night.

In order to maximize the possibilities of success, you should remember that:

  1. While usually the tubes “shrink” with the fall of temperature of the night (so being better to do the first focusing outwards pulling out the focuser, to do it match with small compensation motions, that will also be outwards) in some cases, the opposite holds true (due to the lenses also varying their focal lenght with the temperature) - of course if that's the case the foretold should be reversed.

This can be parametrized in the focus automation programs.

  1. When we check the box “Temperature compensation” we won’t be able to move the motor with the “IN”, “OUT”, etc. buttons, it will be under the exclusive control of the adjusting system by temperature. If in relative mode (see 4.2.1), it must be correctly focused.

If, when starting a new session, the Seletek has that box checked, it will understand that it must continue doing the temperature tracking and will scroll the focuser to the point corresponding to the current temperature. It is recommended to focus at least once at the beginning of the session .

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