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Starting with version 3, the Main program has some aditional functions:

Firmware upgrade : download the latest firmware file from the software repository , save it somewhere (for instance, to the desktop), and just drag and drop it to the Armadillo image. The upgrade process will start.


Most options are quite easy to understand.

"Auto start with user session", check this and the program will launch itself every time you start your windows session. Good idea if you are using automation software.

"Start minimized" to avoid filling the screen. It will collapse itself to the lower right area of the screen.

"Utility programs": can be selected from here. You can launch them inmediatly ( "Go" ), select them to auto start when this Main program stars ( "Auto" ), and even instruct them to start minimized.

The temperature sensor calibration allows you to fine tune your system.

The parameters for the internal sensors should be ok with the default values, but the EXTERNAL  ones may need some adjustment.
We have 3 factors, as seen in the software (v. 3.0+), C1, F, and C2. 

C2 is mainly for offseting the internal box excess temperature, so won't be used for the external ones.

F is the slope of the straigh line
C1 is the offset (that is, the value read at 0º)
So, going to business, for the ARMADILLO CONTROLLER:
  • using the LM61 temp. sensor: C1 = 192, F = 1.7 
  • using the LM60 temp. sensor: C1 = 94, F = 3
  • using the LM61 temp. sensor: C1 = 190, F = 3.6
  • using the LM60 temp. sensor, I'm getting odd results, but I'm fairly confident the same values as the internal sensor will work (no isolation in this model), so: C1 = 133.5, F= 4.88

Don't forget to press "Test" after changing the values, or they won't be saved!

Lastly, please note the "Specific PORT" in the "Connect with" section; this allows to overcome a limitation with certain Windows versions / patches that block the detection of the port by the software.


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