1.7:  (Oct, 2017):

  • ambient temperature offset also applies to the new (RH) sensor
  • wind graph will be visible even if there's no wind at all
  • the new anemometer model is supported (Model 2 in the list)
  • graph location can be arranged
  • ... and some very minor detailsith full support for the new relative humidity sensor and a few other improvements

1.6:  (Jul 26, 2017):

  • With full support for the new relative humidity sensor and a few other improvements

1.5:  (Jan 20, 2017):

  • adds a new file for systems with comma as decimal separator (for ScopeDome)
  • OpenDNS servers set as default
  • fixes OpenDNS servers set as default)
  • Fixed a internal problem with filesystem dates being in the past

1.4: Oct. 4, 2016:

  • Option to select imperial / metric units (specifically Farenheit degrees and m.p.h. for wind speed)
  • Data logger option, inserting a USB pen it will generate a file similar to the "user data file" of the windows program
  • Direct support for Scopedome systems, generating a specific file for them
  • Wind reading also displays gust
  • Added ambient temperature and IR reading offsets
  • Documentation thoroughly updated

1.3: Nov 11, 2015:

  • improved the single data files
  • other minor improvements

1.2: May 26, 2015, quite a few changes:

  • More clear safe / unsafe display, detached from the switch status
  • Unknown sensor values are now displayed properly
  • Fixed a bug in the "single line data" files, now the saved time is in the user's local time
  • Fixed a bug regarding graph generation if the date / time was way off
  • Added new configuration support for:
    • Setting time and date (in case of problems with automatic synchronization)
    • Configuring a fixed IP address
  • Added full but "ugly" support for:
    • Setting name servers (DNS) - useful for troubleshooting
    • Rolling back to a specific software version
  • Experimental PUSH support using the free PushBullet apps.

1.1: (Feb 17, 2015) Some small fixes regarding sensor readings in the very first moments of connection

1.0: Original release