New software 3.0 - and it's counterpart, firmware 2.0, are finally out!

We are pleased to announce that, after quite a few months of hard work, the new version is ready.

The changes are huge, most of them at the firmware side, and not all of them will become noticed initially.

Sidenote for those not familiar: by software, we mean programs running in the PC; firmware refers to the code that is inside the controller. We need both for the system to work. And from this software version, 3.0, we'll need firmware 2.0 - it just won't work with older firmwares, the same that older software won't work with this new firmware.

From the user (yours!) point of view, first things you'll notice:

- support for more kind of motors (steppers, uni and bipolar, but now also DC motors and Step&Direction signals to interface with other controllers)

- reverse focuser motion is now a firmware task, so will operate correctly from any program.

- the calibration of the temperature sensors can be adjusted by the user

- PinByPin is now scriptable (so all utility programs are) - there's a sample PinByPin script available - more sample scripts available upon request

-the name of a few programs have changed, to add consistency

  • the main controller program, previously "MainSeletek", is now just called "Seletek"
  • the focuser programs, are now called "Focuser" and "FocuserEXP"

- utility programs (focuser, filterwheel, etc) are now launched from the main program

- all software is properly signed, all drivers for this new version will run under XP, Vista 32 & 64 bits, 7 32 & 64 bits.

- no need to "run as administrator" anything - the programs themselves will require that

As said before, the most important achievement we've accomplished is many fold:

- firmware will be updated, once you're in version 2.0 (of the firmware), in a seamless way, without leaving the application

- the new firmware is much more powerful in general,

- we've developed a custom bootloader (part of code to upload new firmware), so it can be done now from any O.S. (we're not limited to 32bits as before), from the main program. Really easy.

- the communication protocol is now simpler, and also open, so it is quite easy to develop drivers for say Linux or other O.Ss.

- and, most important of all:

  • - future new versions will be easier and faster to develop
  • - both the Armadillo and original Seletek are, and will continue to be, supported.

Missing but promised features (the firmware is ready for both of them, but not yet the software):

- support for several controllers

- detecting limit switches to stop the focuser

New utility programs, namely the instrument rotator software is also in the works.

What else is missing?

Well, for the moment there's no settings migration tool; if you want to save your settings (such as stepper limits and the like), you'll have to take them down and set again at the new software.

Here you can find an upgrade guide (needed!) - and, as always, all the software and firmware can be downloaded from this page.

Please explore the software while we reach the current point with the documentation; it should be really easy to manage for users of previous versions.