... is a Seletek add-on to allow the remote control of the observatory. Among its many functions, it allows you to:

  • switch on and off lights and equipment
  • open and close the observatory roof
  • control 8 relays (4 of them double NO/NC, and 4 NO)
  • monitor the AAG Cloudwatcher and check for safe or unsafe weather conditions
  • monitor, using magnet or mechanical sensors the mount's position, the status of the roof...

The Firefly includes an ASCOM compliant dome driver for roll-off roofs.

Technical specifications:

  • Manages 8 relays (4 of them double NO/NC, and 4 NO), to switch DC or AC
  • 8 input sensors: magnet, contact, etc
  • Extremely protected against noise
  • Uses one port of the Seletek, Armadillo or Platypus controller (EXP or THIRD)
  • Size: 125 * 60 * 205 mm (box only, 125 * 65 * 205 mm. total)

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The new improved Firefly model is DragonFLY