Having any number of Dragonflies in the same network is no problem as long as each one has its own network name - something you can set from the "Controller configuration" (available from the configuration):

Regarding scripts, there are some examples, it is the same but the object is "Dragonfly2nd", so: set dfly = CreateObject("Dragonfly2nd.Help")  
... and so on.

ASCOM dome is not supported in this "2nd" version, so please use your first or main Dragonfly for ASCOM automation.
If you want to command more than one from the same PC, just using the control panel window, it is fine; you can change the "Connect with controller name" back an forth and access any number of them.

But, if you use automation, ASCOM and / or scripting, then you need a special version of the software (so the windows automation objects have a different name).

For a second dragonfly (I don't expect anyone needing three!), please install this version: http://lunatico.es/dragonfly/Dragonfly4.5.5-2nd-Install.exe

It will install in a different folder, "connect to" will default to "dragonfly2" and internal port 10001.