If, for whatever reason, you cannot find your Dragonfly in the network, there's a simple procedure to revert it back to factory settings, namely:

  • DHCP ON (that is, automatic IP address)
  • Name: Dragonfly
  • Fall back IP: (that's the IP address the Dragonfly will get if it fails to acquire one automatically)

In order to do so, just:
  1. - power off your Dragonfly
  2. - remove the lid (there are 4 screws, one in each corner)
  3. - insert a USB cable in the internal connector - cable also connected to any computer
  4. - the activity LED will blink wildly for a few seconds (the power LED will go orange)
... and that's it. Remove the USB, close the box, and your Dragonfly configuration is as good as new.