With recent Windows 10 "updates", and the treatment Microsoft is giving to all computers and networks, as if all were in a "high risk" zone, many security policies conspire to make simple devices, such as ours, more difficult to access in the network.

With a few tricks, however, this can be overcome in no time:

Trick 1:

Use a static IP address in your device, and edit the \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file.

Said file contains a list of IP addresses and host names. Just add yours to the list, such as: aagsolo

... and windows will never again forget that address. You'll have to edit it as administrator.

Trick 2:

If you want to browse the files shared by some device, such as the Solo, but can't find it browsing the network, open a "cmd" prompt and type:

c:\users\myself> start \\aagsolo


c:\users\myself> start \\

(or course replacing the 4 numbers with the correct ones).