Lunático makes its own products when we have a good idea about something that doesn’t exist in the market, or when we consider we can improve the ones already existing - either developing a new one or reducing its cost and therefore its final price.

The origin and the essence of Lunático is in this product developing. We constantly study the manufacturing proposals tackling those that, in our opinion, answer to a real need of the amateur astronomer.

Our commitment is to provide these products with the highest quality. For this reason we track of our sold units, we explore our customers impressions and take note of the possible improvements. All that implies an effort that results in a wide warranty and the best after-sales service

The pocketCloudWatcher, launched Jun. 2018!   

The Lunático portable clouds, temperature, humidity & light detector.

The AAG Solo, launched Feb. 2015, is a stand-alone computer designed to make the most of the AAG CloudWatcher.


The TARSIER is going to change the focusing of those with portable setups - or anyone who prefers to leave the computer at home.

ARMADILLO, the Lunatico's astronomical peripheral controller: automatic focusing, filter wheel control, camera rotator, fan control / dew heater band power by difference of temperature.

PLATYPUS, the new Seletek designed for remote control. All the features of the Seletek Armadillo plus network connection (ethernet) and a third peripheral port. It is the best controller to automate your observatory.

DRAGONFLY, (launched Apr.2016), the new device from Lunático to remotely control your observatoryEasy to use and with very powerful features

AAG CloudWatcher is a high precision, low cost system for monitoring the sky, with high quality and unique features. This has been achieved by a clever product design and a meticulous production.

ZeroDew, Dew heater system. The shortage and high prices of these products in the market, motivated us to make our own anti-dew system.

GNS, Good Night System. The only true solution to be able to sleep, watching the observatory from outside, who will wake you up in case of problems.



SELETEK is our bet for telescope and observatory automation. We keep developing it so that it can control numerous peripherals. Currently available in two versions: ARMADILLO and PLATYPUS.

FIREFLY, Observatory control box. A Seletek add-on to allow the remote control of the observatory, easy to use and with very powerful features.