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SOLO CloudWatcher

How update the CW firmware from
the Solo

While this makes to the official release, here's the method to update your CloudWatcher avoiding connecting it to a Windows PC.

Please note: early Solos seem not able to keep up with the speed needed to send the firmware. I'm afraid the windows computer is the only option in that case. 

Log into your Solo (if you've never done this, check

Once logged in: 

            pi@hansolo ~ $ cd /tmp

            pi@hansolo /tmp$ cp /home/aagsolo/HASFileLoader .

please note there is a dot . at the end!

            pi@hansolo /tmp $ wget

(this is the current firmware for the external RH sensor; others available)

... download...

100%[======================================>] 17,408 --.-K/s in 0.01s

2019-07-30 08:40:15 (1.25 MB/s) - `AAG_CloudWatcher570.has' saved [17408/17408]

            pi@hansolo /tmp $ sudo service aagsolo stop

    --- At this point (or earlier) turn your CloudWatcher OFF ---

            pi@hansolo /tmp $ sudo ./HASFileLoader update f=AAG_CloudWatcher570.has

    --- And now turm it ON! ---

HAS file will be [AAG_CloudWatcher570.has]

Updating device...

Read 17408 bytes from file


Some dots until the connection is established, then numbers indicating the progress.

until the prompt is back again. And that's it! 


pi@hansolo /tmp $ sudo service aagsolo start

pi@hansolo /tmp $ exit


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