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Troubleshooting the dragonfly

Network connections are very solid and convenient, but problems, when happen, may be hard to troubleshoot.

In the case of the Dragonfly, it uses the UDP protocol, at port 10000 (by default).

✓         We recently discovered some IP cameras (Foscam or Dahua specifically) use the same network port as the default one in the Dragonfly. This causes intermittent connections / disconnections, hard to diagnose.

✓         We've also been reported the network version of the SQM uses the port 10001 - some of our users were using that port, escaping from the IP camera issues.

Just changing the "local port" in the Dragonfly software fixes the issue (from the default 10000 to, for instance, 10101)

No report of problems at that port so far.


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