Main TAB



This TAB displays an overview of all weather parameters, namely, those from AAG_CloudWatcher together with those from the weather station.


The main window contains some sub-panels to the left of the main panel as highlighted below:

·      Top panel containing 2 state buttons and a 3rd button:

o       Weather Button - when pushed the weather station information is gathered;

o       Upload Button - when pushed the Web uploader module is activated (see Web / Setup TAB);

o       Stop Alarm Button – only visible when a sound alarm is being played;

·      Middle panel that displays Safe / Unsafe condition and the AAG_CloudWatcher switch status if this is being controlled by AAG_WeatherCenter;

·      Bottom panel containing the Start / Stop buttons to record information to the user data file (see General / Setup TAB);




Main TAB


Note that the main panel containing the weather parameter information is divided into 3 distinct regions as highlighted below:

·      The red regions correspond to information from AAG_CloudWatcher;

·      The blue region correspond to information from the weather station



Red Regions = information from AAG_CloudWatcher

Blue Region = information from Weather station



This panel is divided into 5 columns, namely:

  1. Description of the weather parameter;
  2. Measured value for the weather parameter;
  3. Displays small icon   when an sound alarm associated with this parameter is being played;
  4. Condition of the weather parameter according to the Limits (see Limits TAB) defined for this weather parameter. The yellow color changes to orange if the condition is Unsafe
  5. Date and Time of the last reading;


And the bottom line is split into two columns:

·      The LHS cell displays a warning in case the weather station information is considered too old;

·      The RHS cell displays a warning if the information from AAG_CloudWatcher is considered too old;


When any of theses warnings occur the panel changes looks, as illustrated below:



Error condition occurred with AAG_CloudWacher


Error condition occurred with Weather Station



Note that the RHS section of the status bar displays an error code. By right clicking with the mouse over this panel, the following window is displayed providing a more detailed description of the error code










When the SAFE Condition Delay Period is active, a message is displayed at the bottom cell showing the remaining delay time, as illustrated in this figure.