The most recent versions of the program can be obtained from www.aagware.eu


These versions are distributed in a ZIP format file which contain the full setup of the software.


NB: It is necessary to uninstall any previous version before installing or reinstalling the complete software.


Alternatively, the software can be updated, via internet, using menu option Help / Check Update.



Update via internet



During the update process, 7 files are transferred, namely,


  1. AAG_WeatherCenter.exe
  2. AAG_WeatherCenter.chm
  3. AAG_Uploader.exe
  4. AAG_ResetWeatherCenter.exe
  5. AAG_Updater.exe
  6. AAG_WeatherCenterVWS.htx
  7. AAG_WeatherCenterWD.htx


The previous version files are not deleted but they are renamed to:


  1. AAG_WeatherCenter _exe.old
  2. AAG_WeatherCenter _chm.old
  3. AAG_Uploader_exe.old
  4. AAG_ResetWeatherCenter_exe.old
  5. AAG_Updater_exe.old
  6. AAG_WeatherCenterVWS_htx.old
  7. AAG_WeatherCenterWD_htx.old





If these files are not present after updating, it means that the update was not complete and a timeout event occurred during the file transfer.


Please try again.