Network Section


The Network Section allows the user to define:

Note that this panel is longer than the display area and there is a vertical slider bar on the RHS of the panel, as illustrated below. Note that this section changes appearance according to the operational mode.





Network Section – MASTER mode






Network Section – REMOTE mode







MASTER – corresponds to the installation of the PC that has the AAG_CloudWatcher device connected to;

REMOTE – corresponds to other PC’s in the network which will get the information form the MASTER;




If the Operational Mode is changed from REMOTE to MASTER mode, then the system will go through the initialization process as described in Setup MASTER





The ALARM Comm button is only visible for REMOTE mode.


It corresponds to a sound alarm that will be activated if the information being received is older than the Timeout period defined in the Device Section.


Note that to program the sound alarm, right-click over the button.




This file is used to share the data read by the MASTER installation with the REMOTE installations.


It is advisable to choose a path that corresponds to a directory on a local disk of the MASTER installation and it has shareable read rights in the network.


For REMOTE mode the path should point to the shared directory defined in the MASTER installation.




The information generated by the program can also be saved in a CSV (comma separated values) file whose name and path are defined by the user.


The frequency at which the information is stored is defined in field Save every in terms of device readings.


The file will only contain the last reading if Last reading only flag is selected, otherwise it will accumulate all readings.


To define the path press the Path button and the following window is displayed:



Select Path Window


NB: If the directory corresponding to the selected path is deleted, the system will try to recreate it automatically the moment the Start button is pressed. However if this directory points to a network drive which is not available, the program will not succeed.


The File Structure button allows the selection of the information to be recorded.


The following window is displayed when File Structure button is pressed:



File Structure Window



·        All fields are displayed;

·        Next to each field there is a checkbox, when selected the information corresponding to this field will be recorded;

·        The Up Arrow and Down Arrow buttons shifts up and down the highlighted field changing the order in which they are recorded in the file;

·        The Reset button resets the list to its default;

·        The field description contains a number in brackets which correspond to the order of the field. This number is an auxiliary number which is used to sort the fields and it is not recorded in the file header.




CCDAutopilot 4 DATA FILE:


This file is used by CCDAutopilot version 4 to obtain information from AAG_CloudWatcher.


Note that if the file name is empty this feature is disabled.