Graphs Section


The Graph Section allows the user to:


·        select the graphs to be displayed;

·        define the number of points per graph from a minimum of 20 up to a maximum of 2000 (default = 120). Note that this value can only be changed when the program is stopped.  If the value is changed the graphical information is automatically reset;

·        define the plot frequency in terms of the number of  device readings (default = 6). Note that this value can only be changed when the program is stopped;

·        choose the labels’ color for each graph;

·        choose the graph line’s color for each graph;

·        choose the background’s color for each graph. NB: auto background means that the graph’s background is generated from the color scheme defined in Limits TAB;

·        define the Maximum and Minimum temperatures for the Ambient temperature graph (area  click pointed by green arrow);

·        check the graphs’ spans in terms of hours based on the number of points, the plot frequency (as a number of device reading cycles) and device Read Cycle (sec). The default values yield a graph span of 2 hours;

·        select the image files which will be created;

·        select type of image file: PNG or JPG;

·        if image type is JPG, then select the quality  of JPG files (default = Normal);

·        define the path where the image files will be recorded





Graphs Section





Options for JPG image files


Top = best quality

Good = good quality

Normal = average quality


Note that the points are recorded in the graph at frequency defined by the Frequency field. The value entered in this field corresponds to the number of hardware readings performed between graphs’ points.


The names of the image  files are pre-defined and they cannot be changed by the user:

  • Cloud condition graph is AAG_ImageCloudCondition. png/jpg;
  • Rain condition graph is AAG_ImageRainCondition.jpg. png/jpg;
  • Wind condition graph is AAG_ImageWindCond.jpg. png/jpg;
  • Daylight condition graph is AAG_ImageDayCondition. png/jpg;
  • Ambient Temperature graph is AAG_ImageTemperature. png/jpg;


To change the Labels’ color (or the Graph’s color), right click with the mouse over the respective cell as indicated by the red arrows in the figure above.


The following color selection window is displayed:



Color Selection Window


To change the temperature graphs maximum and minimum limits, press area click (indicated by the green arrow in figure above) and the following window is displayed:



Temperature Limits Window


NB: When right clicking with the mouse over the temperature’s graph in Graphs TAB / Temp section, this window is displayed too.




The PATH button displays the following window, allowing the selection of the path where the image files (.png/jpg) will be stored.



Path Selection Window



NB: If the directory corresponding to the selected path is deleted, the system will try to recreate it automatically the moment the Start button is pressed. However if this directory points to a network drive which is not available, the program will not succeed.