Reading Section


The Reading section displays the data received from the hardware.



Reading section of the Device TAB





Supply voltage in volts internally measured by the device (nominal value = 5V);


Infrared temperature measured by the infrared sensor (in hundredth of degree Celsius);


Temperature of the infrared sensor capsule (in hundredth of centigrade Celsius);


Value in degrees Celsius;


Number of cycles internally measured by the device for a period of approximately 262.14 ms;

Rain Heater

PWM signal conduction cycle.

Rain Temp

Digital value related to the voltage produced by the built in NTC thermistor;

Wind Speed

Wind speed in km/h;


Digital value related to the voltage produced by the LDR resistor;

Read cycle

Time taken to read the device during a reading cycle in s;

Firmware ver.

Device internal firmware version.

Chars in Buffer

Number of characters received via serial port and not yet processed by the program;

Total Readings

Total accumulated number of readings performed by the program.


NB: To reset this counter right click over it.


Internal Errors

Total number of internal errors detected reading the infrared sensor;

1,2,3,4, PEC byte Error

Number of internal errors detected with the bytes transmitted by the infrared sensor;

Timeout  Errors

Total number of timeout errors which have occurred since the Start button was pushed.


Bytes received via serial port which could not be correctly interpreted by the program;