Unsafe TAB


This tab allows the definition of the UNSAFE conditions.


One must select which conditions are considered UNSAFE. Different sound alarms may be associated and activated for each UNSAFE condition as illustrated in figure below.



Unsafe TAB with

        UNSAFE is selected for Cloud, Overcast and Rain, Windy and Very Windy conditions (pointed by red arrows);

        Sound alarms programmed and activated for Overcast and Rain conditions (pointed by blue arrows);

        Sound alarm programmed for Cloudy condition but not activated (pointed by green arrow).


Unsafe TAB when Wind sensor is not present.



Note that:




Different sound alarms may be associated with each condition.


A sound alarm is played when the respective condition occurs, and it is selected as UNSAFE and the respective sound alarm is also selected.


For example, in the case illustrated in above, only the sound alarms associated with Overcast and Rain conditions will be played, since the Overcast and Rain conditions are selected and the respective alarms too.


The sound alarm associated with Cloudy condition will not be played because it is not selected, although the Cloudy condition is UNSAFE;


 In order to define a sound alarm for a particular condition, right-click with the mouse over the sound alarm button just beneath the condition.


The following window is displayed allowing the selection of the sound file to be used:




Sound Alarm Selection Window