Graphs TAB


This is an informational tab which displays the environmental conditions related to Cloud, Rain, Wind Speed, Brightness and Ambient Temperature in a graphical format.


The Graphs TAB contains 4 sections, namely:



The horizontal axes are labeled in terms of real time hour.


The backgrounds of Cloud / Rain / Wind / Brightness graphs are painted with the colors defined for the threshold limits under Limits TAB.


The Temperature graph’s background as well as other control parameters, such as number of points, recording frequency, label color, graph color, etc., are defined under Setup TAB / Graphs section.




Cloud condition graph section


Rain condition graph section




Wind condition graph section


Wind condition graph section when Wind sensor is not present





Brightness condition graph section


Ambient Temperature graph section



NB: Right click over the temperature graph to open the Maximum / Minimum Temperature window (refer to Setup TAB / Graphs Section).


Figure illustrating the contents of the JPEG files: