Infrared Sensor


The infrared sensor is a MLX90614 ESF-AAA from Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems (www.melexis.com ).


Rain Sensor


The rain sensor is currently manufactured by Lunatico Astronomía.

It was originally from Telecontrolli  Srl (http://www.telecontrolli.com/eng/default.html)





The switch makes use of a reed relay IC (PRMA1A12 from SRC@ DEVICES) and its contacts are rated for:


Switching current

0.5 A DC Max.

Carry current

1.0 A DC Max.

Switching power

10 VA Max.

Maximum voltage

100 V DC Max.

Contact resistance

150 milliohms Max.






Input Power


The recommended input voltage is 15 volts DC (max.400 mA), but it may vary from 12–18 volts DC.


The polarity of the contacts is irrelevant seeing there is an internal rectifier bridge, thus the unit may also be supplied with 12-18 volts AC (not recommended).