Please read this section carefully.




It is important to realize that the good operation of the device depends on a number of aspects, namely,




Some aspects / limitations that one should be aware of:


  1. The device has not the capability to warm up the infrared sensor and so it cannot remove automatically snow and ice from the IR sensor window - under these circumstances the sensor will yield unreliable information;


  1. The infrared sensor unit covers a sky angle around 72. This field of view should be oriented towards the sky and completely unobstructed of any surrounding bodies such as walls, roof edges, etc. to avoid the capture of infrared radiation from these sources;




Device too close to the wall.

It should be placed further away from the wall and the roof edge



  1. Mount the unit at a slight angle to allow the water to drain from rain sensor surface;


  1. Do not place transparent glass, transparent acrylic materials (Perspex), transparent plastic sheet, etc. in front of the device because they act as infrared blocking filters preventing the correct measurement of the sky infrared radiation;


  1. If foreign matters get stuck to the rain sensor surface (e.g. bird excrements, etc.)  this will cause the device to permanently indicate either a WET or RAIN condition;


  1. The external cover of the  connecting cable may deteriorate with sun radiation, so it is advisable to protect it from direct sun radiation;


  1. The software has been fully tested in Windows XP Home & Professional Editions, and all other Windows versions Vista, 7, 8, up to Windows 10, both in 32 and 64 bits.