Firmware Update


The more recent versions of AAG_CloudWatcher device have the capability of having their firmware updated.


The process is performed through the RS232 communication port and using the utility AAG_HASFileLoader.exe present in the same directory as AAG_CloudWatcher.exe (which is usually C:\Program Files\AAG_CloudWatcher).


The firmware image is stored in a file with name AAG_CloudWatcherxxx.has present in the same directory as AAG_HASFileLoader.exe, where xxx corresponds to the firmware version (e.g. AAG_CloudWatcher550.has corresponds to firmware version 5.50).


Procedure to update firmware


  1. Check the firmware version installed in the device before performing any update. The firmware version is shown in Reading section of Device TAB of AAG_CloudWatcher as illustrated below:






If firmware version is 3.xx - DO NOT update it with a firmware version 5.xx.


Firmware version 5.xx is designed for a different microprocessor than versions 3.xx and they are not compatible.


  1. Connect the device serial port to the computer serial port;


  1. Disconnect the power from the device;


  1. Start program AAG_HASFileLoader.exe and select the port number that corresponds to the computer port to which the device is connected;






  1. Press File button to select file containing firmware image (e.g. file AAG_CloudWatcher550.has for firmware version 5.50)





  1. After selecting file, press Start button and immediately afterwards connect the power to the device. The program will start updating the firmware into the device as illustrated below:





  1. After finishing the firmware update the program displays the following message: