Device Internal Parameters



There are three internal parameters stored in the device’s hardware which may be reprogrammed by the user.


After a period of time if the device does not receive any requests via the serial port, it runs an internal shut down routine by turning the rain sensor heater to a defined value and setting the internal switch to a particular state.


This time period, the switch state as well as the rain sensor heater power may be reprogrammed using the utility AAG_AdjustInternalPar.exe, which is installed in the same directory as the main program (by default, C:\Program Files\AAG_CloudWatcher)


To run this utility, simply double-click over this exe file (or select menu option “AAG_CloudWatcher Internal Parameters” in AAG Software group) and the following screen is displayed:



The device must be connect to the serial port of the computer and powered up but AAG_CloudWatcher program must not be running.


Press Connect button


Enter the time period, the state of the switch as well as the rain sensor heater power percentage and then press Store button.




If firmware version is 5.xx but before 5.50 the Rain Sensor Heater parameter is not available.

If firmware version is 3.xx these parameters are not available.