REMOTE Installation



The REMOTE PC corresponds to any PC in the network which is not connected to the AAG_CloudWatcher.


  1. Run Setup.exe;
  2. Start program;
  3. The program will prompt you


  1. Select No for REMOTE installation;
  2. The program will display its main window:


  1. Select the Network section of the Setup TAB.

      Select the path for the Parameters Transfer File that corresponds to the shared defined in the MASTER installation, by pressing the corresponding button Path.

      You may program Alarm Comm with a sound file by right-clicking with the mouse over the alarm button (pointed by red arrow in figure below). This alarm is fired when the information is older than the timeout defined in Device section of the Setup TAB;



  1. Check Device section of the Setup TAB.


      Set a Read Cycle similar to that used for the MASTER installation:

      If the information from the MASTER is older than the timeout period, the system will issue a warning and it fires the Alarm Comm under Network section of the Setup TAB (if it is programmed and activated);

      Select the units which you wish to use;

      Use identical Temperature Corrections Factors K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6 and K7 similar to those used in the MASTER installation;


  1. Check the Graph section of the Setup TAB.

      Adjust the graph time span by adjusting the number of points and frequency. The total graph span is given by:

Total Span = (No. of Points) x (Frequency) x (Read Cycle)


      Use PNG image files rather than JPEG they are smaller in size and have a higher quality;